Enchanted oriental clover pendant

Enchanted oriental clover pendant

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  • Materials: 18 carat gold and 100% natural FG-VS diamonds.
  • Design: Gold clover measuring 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm, surrounded by diamonds.
  • Details: Central eye with 100% natural blue sapphire framed with 100% natural diamonds.
  • Meaning: Symbol of luck, beauty and oriental grace, captivating all eyes and repelling the evil eye.

Discover our exquisitely beautiful new jewel, a sparkling clover that captures the imagination and admiration. Measuring 3.5cm by 3.5cm, this jewel is a unique piece that combines timeless elegance with exotic touches, in perfect harmony with the distinctive theme of our brand.

The outer contour of the clover, inspired by patterns rich in history and tradition, is adorned with diamonds of minimum clarity VS1 and color between F and G, adding a touch of brilliance and luxury to its design. These diamonds frame the clover beautifully, creating a shimmering frame that catches the light from every angle, evoking the splendor of distant lands.

Inside the first cloverleaf is another smaller cloverleaf, also set with diamonds, creating a depth and dimension reminiscent of the artistic motifs of yesteryear. Each diamond is carefully selected for its exceptional quality, adding a touch of sophistication to every detail, in keeping with the captivating aesthetic of our creation.

At the center of the smallest clover lies an eye set with diamonds, a symbol of protection and mystery, evoking the legendary stories of distant lands. The diamonds surrounding it add a touch of mystery and elegance to the whole, reinforcing the enchanting character of this unique piece.

Finally, at the heart of the eye, rests a 100% natural blue sapphire from Sri Lanka, adding a touch of color and distinction to this already remarkable jewel. Its deep, vibrant hue contrasts beautifully with the surrounding diamonds, creating a striking effect that embodies the captivating spirit of our creation.

This piece of jewelry is a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation, a piece that is sure to captivate and dazzle everyone who sees it. Treat yourself to a piece of jewelry that celebrates timeless beauty and mysterious exoticism, in perfect harmony with the distinctive vision of our brand.

Each piece is custom created by hand, making each piece of jewelry unique. Please note that variations in details may occur, and the piece you receive may differ slightly from that shown in the publication.

The size of the collar is adjustable.

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