Splendor pendant of a radiant halo

Splendor pendant of a radiant halo

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- 0r white 18 carat

- 100% natural diamonds

In the setting of elegance, a dazzling piece of jewelry comes to life. This pendant in 18-karat white gold, the precious metal par excellence, embodies both timeless sophistication and modern brilliance. At the heart of this exquisite jewel lies a diamond of incomparable rarity and splendor. Weighing 0.30 carats, this spectacularly pure diamond of FG color and VS clarity evokes a celestial glow, capturing light and refracting it in a dazzling play of colors.

The majesty of the central diamond is enhanced by a delicate crown. A constellation of sumptuous quality diamonds, totaling approximately 0.15 carats, dance with sparkling elegance all around. Their GH color and VS-SI clarity give this halo an aura of ethereal brilliance, creating an array of light that frames and highlights the center stone with unparalleled grace.

With a length of 45 centimeters, this white gold chain allows the pendant to sit with fused elegance, a soft yet unforgettable presence. This pendant embodies the harmonious fusion between meticulous craftsmanship and the natural beauty of diamonds. It is more than just an accessory; it becomes a reflection of your own inner radiance. May this graceful jewel rest close to your heart, a constant reminder of the beauty that can emanate from nature, art and human passion.

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Splendor pendant of a radiant halo
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