Thousand and one nights light earrings

Thousand and one nights light earrings

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Main stone
  • Materials: 18 carat gold and 100% natural FG-VS diamonds.
  • Design: Mystical earrings with an enigmatic look at the center and oriental motifs, offering versatile elegance.
  • Gems: 100% natural Sapphire and Diamonds.
  • Meaning: Embody the mystical elegance of the Orient, with enigmatic design and evocative patterns, inviting the exploration of dreams and spirituality.

Let yourself be transported into the mysteries of the Orient, where luxury and spirituality unite to create unparalleled harmony. At the heart of these 18k gold earrings, measuring approximately 5 centimeters high by 3.5 centimeters wide, lies an enigmatic gaze, capturing the essence of beauty and depth.

The central eye, adorned with a 100% natural blue sapphire or a white diamond of unparalleled purity, dazzles with its clarity and brilliance. All around, 100% natural white diamonds frame the eye, sparkling like the stars of an oriental night.

The oriental-inspired motifs, delicately worked around the earrings, tell tales of wealth, spirituality and mystery, adding an artistic and symbolic touch to this one-of-a-kind creation.

Versatile and adjustable, these earrings can be worn close to the neck to accentuate the grace of the face or closer to the chest to exude timeless elegance. Whatever your preference, this unique pair promises to take your style to new heights.

Immerse yourself in exclusivity and elegance. Let yourself be seduced by the Mystical Pyramid Earrings - a perfect fusion of art, culture and luxury, transcending the boundaries of time and space.

Welcome to a world where dreams come to life.

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The size of the earrings is adjustable.

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