Starry dream ring

Starry dream ring

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  • Materials : 18 carat gold.
  • Central diamond : Emerald cut, 100% natural, VS1 clarity, D color.
  • Diamonds surrounding the central diamond : Natural, FG-VS, carefully set.
  • Design : Evocation of the Orient, graceful and elegant lines.
  • Ring body : Set with diamonds on half, shining like a starry sky.
  • Meaning : Symbol of sophistication, exceptional craftsmanship.

Immerse yourself in the mystical brilliance of this 18-karat gold ring, a gem that embodies the very essence of the Orient. At the heart of this exceptional piece lies a 100% natural emerald cut diamond, VS1 clarity and D color, without any fluorescence, a precious stone that captures light with mesmerizing intensity.

Surrounded by small natural FG-VS diamonds, this central diamond evokes the splendor of oriental oases, where light dances through palm trees under a starry sky. Each diamond, carefully set, tells a story of beauty and wonder, offering unparalleled brilliance to this ring with graceful and elegant lines.

The body of the ring, also set with diamonds on one half, shines like a night sky studded with stars, adding a touch of mystery and refinement to its already captivating look. Its 18-carat gold silhouette evokes the treasures of oriental souks, where exceptional craftsmanship meets age-old tradition.

Wear this ring with pride and let it transport you to distant lands, where the charm of the Orient meets timeless sophistication. A jewel of rare beauty, an ode to exoticism and grandeur, this 18-carat gold ring is much more than an accessory, it is a centerpiece of your story.

Note: Diamond and design specifics may vary slightly due to the handcrafted appearance of each piece.

Each piece of jewelry is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. (GIA certificate for main diamond).

Delivery time: Immediate

(To easily determine your finger size, use a tape measure to measure the widest part of your finger. The circumference in mm will correspond to your ring size. The average ring size for women is generally between 52 and 54.)

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Starry dream ring
Starry dream ring
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